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Excavation & Backfill

Northey Contracting provides excavating services including excavation, levelling, blasting, trenching, foundation prep, and more. When digging there can be several unpredictable challenges or restrictions that come up once we begin excavation, we always aim for the best but you must be prepared for any situation. Take a look through the photos where we had to use a liquid rock expansion to remove a giant rock that we came across when digging for an addition foundation. Challenge accepted! 

Northey Contracting has introduced heavy equipment to backfill,  assisting Timberline's projects as well. Backfilling includes installing proper drainage, backfilling and compacting interior fill, installing washstone under concrete floors, hauling in clean, drainable backfill, backfill around the exterior of buildings, and more. We try to use as much existing fill on the property that was previously excavated from the hole as possible, avoiding hauling in more and increased expenses.

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